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Recording and Production

The Shelter Studios is set up to record your production to release ready specs. We offer high quality recording and production services via our expertly equipped facility. Our facility is ready to offer you expert and top notch engineering services as well as any  music production services to help you develop and create your next master piece.

Our in house engineers and producers have decades of experience in the music industry

and are your ready to be part of your production team.  

Mixing and Mastering

The Shelter is here to take your mix or master to the next level. With our highly experience Mixing and Mastering engineers, and an extensive selection of both analog hardware and software plug ins we can create and deliver  a radio ready mix or master. Check our work on all DSP.


The Shelter Studios Spotify Playlist

Stem & Multitrack Processing

2020  Pandemic brought many challenges to the audio recording and music production industry. This lead The Shelter Studio to create a remote solution for those studio users that cannot access a face to face session. We  have sprung into action and are now offering Remote Audio Processing Sessions (R.A.P.S) to anyone with an internet connection. All processing is done with the client monitoring in real-time so that you can make the best informed decision from your own studio set up. We have an array of high end analog processors  and a magnitude of digital audio plug ins along with rare and unique pieces of  gear to choose from along with an experienced engineer to help you thru the process.


In 2019 The Shelter Studios created The Shelter Academy with the vision of conducting educational workshops in Music Production, Recording Techniques and Mixing & Mastering strategies. These workshops are designed for low class count or one on one instruction. This gives the client(s) the best possible outcome for success and information retention.

Workshops will be back online Spring of 2023

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